Orders will be shipped within 48 hours of receiving payment.


Shipping costs within Canada are based on a flat rate. Shipping to destinations outside Canada are calculated by weight, per below.


Shipping Destination

Shipping Cost (in CAD)

Within Canada

$15 flat rate


Within Continental U.S.

<= 5.00 lb $25.00
<= 15.00 lb $40.00
<= 30.00 lb $60.00
<= 100.00 lb $100.00

eg. each pack is approximately 5lbs.


$65 and over, depending on destination country, Please inquire.

Note that duties may be collected upon delivery by postal carriers for any delivery addresses outside Canada. Collection and payments of duties are not the responsibility of Expat Travel Gear.

Shipping charges for returned material is the responsibility of the customer. It is recommended that you use a shipping service that is traceable (eg. FedEx or Canada Post service with a tracking number). Original shipping costs will not be refunded.