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Our Society Members will compose a journey that is uniquely customized to meet your needs. What sets Terraficionados apart is not just the unique travel experiences we provide, but the experience you have with our Society Members (our term for Travel Counsellor – these folks are awesome!) as you compose your trip. Having a great travel experience starts with having the right conversations with someone who understands you, and who understands the kinds of travel experiences that will be right for you. We know that you place great trust in us, and we are committed to ensuring you get the great, personalized service you need and deserve every step of the way. Our Society Members are not your average Travel Professionals – many of them actually have other professional interests and backgrounds. They’ve become part of Terraficionados Travel Society & Journeymakers because they have an unquenchable passion for travel; they’ve done a ton of it themselves; and they want to weave it into their everyday lives. Collectively, we are eager to show you the world so start a conversation with us about your ‘bucket list’ and let’s get to work on it!
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